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  1. Plein Air Landscape Painting Conference in CA
  2. Michael Franti's Power to the Peaceful Festival
  3. Improv Comedy Workshop
  4. call to participate in an art event
  5. Anime/cartoon/animation artists wanted
  6. Mary Margaret Park Releases "I Dreamt Redemption"
  7. "Waterfall" Comes to the Nave Gallery, An International Show
  8. Call to Artists: Alternative Photography
  9. Green With Indie Craft Show This Weekend, March 21st & 22nd at Webster University's G
  10. House of Scratch - Artists Wanted! - $50 Award
  11. International Photography Competition
  12. New website
  13. Call For Artist- Art Record Show
  14. Internship / Research Assistant
  15. Artists Wanted - Free Listings and Webspace for Your Art
  16. Looking for Photography subjects
  17. Singers Wanted
  18. Where the Wild Things Are
  19. 'Slumdog Millionaire' starts U.S. fitness craze with bhangra classes
  20. Call for entries
  21. Best place to get art supplies in the valley?
  22. Naked Flowers For Your Bedroom
  23. Seeking Textile Artists~Wearable Art, Clothing
  24. Seeking Experienced Clothing Pattern Drafter
  25. retro,risque,funny,vintage ad's from the past
  26. Furniture Designers Wanted!! (Hollywood Hills)
  27. Furry Friend Paintings
  28. Seeking Artists for interview
  29. Sixth Annual Surrealist, Visionary and Fantastic Exhibit
  30. Creative and Artistic? This is the Perfect Place for YOU!
  31. FREE FOR THE DOWNLOAD: Theocratic Nightmares, Dead Gods, and Wolves
  32. Dedication To "Popcorn" Sutton
  33. Batman....The Next Movie...
  34. House of Scratch - Call for Artists - May 2009 Exhibition
  35. Call To Artists Atlantic ArtWalk09
  36. SIN. SEX. ART. DETOUR: NYC's Premiere Film Noir & Arts Festival on Thurs, April 16
  37. SD Artist seeking Art Agent/Representation
  38. In A Dream playing at Cinema Village this Friday
  39. Call to Jewelry Artist
  40. Polymer Clay Workshop
  41. Basic Beading Workshop
  42. Artist studio & exhibit spaces for rent, Kirkwood, MO
  43. The Outlaw Paul Francis, Looking for musicians
  44. Art Exhibition by Appointment Through April 26th in OP.
  45. Tattoo mentor/teacher wanted
  46. FEARLESS Cold Reading & Audition Technique with Karen Kohlhaas
  47. Seeking Art Patron
  48. Digital Photography One-on-One Tutoring in digital or film photography.
  49. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Sweetness & Light Productions
  50. Lady In Waiting Needs A Home
  51. seeking women 18 and over...
  52. Writer looking for artist
  53. Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and 24 Actors in Dallas this weekend
  54. WOLFCULT CHOIR Covers "Obsession"
  55. Art with a message
  56. iPod tatu Design Contest 2009
  57. Actors... Empower yourself
  58. Your Mama's So...
  59. Hey Guys & Gals It's almost time!!
  60. MODEL CASTING CALL (REHEARSALS NEXT SUNDAY) (6th & Market St -Independence Center)
  61. Musicians needed!!
  62. Swing Dance @92Y! Sat. May 30th! Save The Date!
  63. Join us for Spring Juice
  64. RELOADED! New art has arrived!!! San Fran Coffee
  65. Web Designers LOOKING for Photographers
  66. Justrolls Agency (J.A)...
  67. Casting call
  68. New Improv Comedy Workshop!
  69. Need woman photographer for gig....
  70. FREE FOR THE DOWNLOAD: A Dystopian Anthroanima
  71. Screen Printing Workshop
  72. Seeking Directors (3) and Stage Manager for July Production
  73. Please watch this ridiculous and insanely creative puppet film
  74. Seeking Gallery With Guts
  75. Seeking all studio owners and photography pro's!
  76. I am an artist ( painter)
  77. Audition Taping and Demo Reels for Actors in Toronto
  78. A Newbie Saying Hello
  79. If you live in Dallas/Ft. Worth, I need to paint your bre@sts
  80. Come For The Flowers, Enjoy The Lips
  81. Painting Raffle - Own an Original Sean Chappell for $2!
  82. Open Casting Call - Background Actors Wanted For NBC Drama
  83. NYC Filmmakers and Actors...
  84. Juried Competition - $3,000 and Magazine Publication
  85. Funky, Fresh, Hip, Urban- Gallery seeks budding artists!
  86. May Show at STYLUS!
  87. Adriana Phillips at 108 Occidental Gallery!
  88. 11th Annual Contemporary Art International Exhibition
  89. :::Call-For-Artists:::ECO bag show
  90. Rock fest Grand Prize $2000
  91. North County Wine & Food Festival 14th Annual Wine,Food & Brews Festival 5.30.09
  92. Auditions for Improv Trick
  93. Pinot & Picasso Now Open!!
  94. Call for art- miniatures!
  95. Call for Art- 2009-2010 Shows
  96. Models needed
  97. Proof
  98. Spring Festival exhibit in Brooklyn
  99. ALL HAIL The New American Theocracy!
  100. Therapy group for actors/actresses
  101. WPA Experimental Media Series 2009 Call for Entries
  102. POSHGLAM Designer Call
  103. Last Chance to Submit Your Film to ACEFEST!
  104. Casting Call for "Birth"
  105. Creative Artists Wanted for Online Gallery + Artist Listings
  106. Auditions!!!!
  107. Are you a sassy all american cowgirl?
  108. Art || Fashion || Music || Films
  109. PHOTO CONTEST with Canon 5D Mark ll or $2,000 prize!
  110. SEEKING STAGE MANAGER for "Classically Skewed”
  111. Body painting practice needed.Would you let me practice on you?
  112. First Country Music Ottoman!
  113. Poetry Lovers
  114. Artisan Marketplace Seeks Talented Artists & Crafters!
  115. visit KNOWSTON broadcast...
  116. Are you celebrating this week? i have a great venue
  117. Nancy Hill's The Dolltender Available for Viewing
  118. Artists Actively Seeking Their Dream...LOOK HERE!!!
  119. Art Sidewalk?
  120. Online Magazine MikeyandMandy.com Offers Smart, Original Adult Entertainment
  121. $$$$ for artist to prepare/stretch canvases, reimbursment for materials
  122. I am an artist ( painter)
  123. FREE Theater Space!!! Th!nk Theatre Thursdays!!!
  124. Th!nk theatre thursdays!!!
  125. Booking Agent: Are you looking for Major and Independent Music Artist and Comedians
  126. Interested in the Alchemy of Food Check Out "Vampyre CookBook" by Leah Barrows
  127. Talent search for summer camps
  128. Improv Comedy!
  129. ACTS Productions Presents Doctor Doctor
  130. Unique Artists Search for Sept. Art Event
  131. Th!nk Theater Thursdays!!!
  132. FREE Theater Space Every Thursday
  133. "Twilite: A Parody" - New book!
  134. Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate
  135. New Show at House of Scratch Online Gallery!
  136. House of Scratch - August 2009 Show - Artists Wanted!
  137. Call for Art , bicycle theme exhibit
  138. Featured Artists Series at Soulard Art Market
  139. PHAT LOVE and the Thin Girl - Coming to Detroit for ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY!!!!
  140. Entertainment Industry Party - NYC!!!
  141. artwork by Muller Jean Francois.
  142. Dancer looking for practice space
  143. Join Free Photographer + Model Community
  144. William DeMeo Sopranos, 6th Family Interview-Youtube
  145. Camera Man Needed For Indy Film
  146. Dare Ware Summer Sin Ball
  147. FFV Productions
  148. Need models to submit pics for a website
  149. Custom picture framer
  150. Can anyone around Santa Rosa make an ice sculpture?
  151. Free glamor photos-Springfield Oregon
  152. Rusty Radio
  153. Free portfolio site
  154. Improv Comedy!
  155. some kind of a
  156. NYC Entertainment Industry Networking Party
  157. Return To Sunniyside Canada Day
  158. Juried Art Competition/ $3,000 Award, Magazine Publication
  159. Artist/designers-work/office/showroom space
  160. [Art for Sale/Trade or Display by Matt LaCross] Single Line Ink Drawings
  161. Mos def, doug e fresh, jasmine sullivan
  162. Calling all DFW Residents: What is the next DFW event/festival going to be?
  163. Authentic African Art, jewelry, toys - opportunity
  164. Endangered Minds
  165. Online Showcase of Digital Artwork
  166. The Josh and Myo Show
  167. West Side Story- Huntley, IL
  168. House of Scratch - August 2009 Exhibition - Call to Artists
  169. Looking for Writers to Collaborate on Comedy Web Series
  170. Contemporary Art competition
  171. 9-9-09 at the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival in Los Angel
  172. Surface Magazine's 12th Annual Avant Guardian Photography Competition!
  173. Solo exhibition by Tomori Nagamoto
  174. Suicidal Cheeseburger
  175. Surface magazine's 12th annual avant guardian
  176. Creative Community & Website are now OPEN TO ALL!!
  177. become a supporter of the Arts
  178. artwork for sale.
  179. Artwork for Sale
  180. Looking for Web Designers, Photographers & models for private adult social network
  181. ida maria is queen of the world!
  182. How to write a pain in the neck resume when your a no craft experience?
  183. Spoken Word Artists wanted for relocation stories
  184. Belle Femme Photography Event!
  185. Improv Workshop!
  186. A Night in the Kremlin (musical)
  187. Now Hiring for Glass Artist Position
  188. For Marx Brothers fans
  189. Vintage Sale by Fox Glove!
  190. Call for Artists $3500 in Awards
  191. Artist Work Studio-619 Western-Pioneer Sq
  192. Lethacolleen at dolce vita- new artwork!
  193. Actors & Comedians! Join the San Diego Improv Community on Facebook!
  194. Maynard James(TOOL) Keenan is the man !
  195. Need wine and h'ordeuvres?
  196. What is up with the FREE section of ads? Spam City!!
  197. Single in Sarasta/Bradenton?
  198. call for ART SPOKED a bike themed art exhibit
  199. Pictures From Croatia: Through The Eyes Of Children at GAGA Arts Center
  200. D.a. Thompson CD Release Party August 18th
  201. The New Post-Literate: A gallery of asemic writing
  202. Hit and Run Hula
  203. Mr. Lonely: The Animated Series
  204. Looking For Hot Ladies Or Hot Passable TS Ladies To Appear In Music Video
  205. BOLD Charlotte announces a benefit performance of "BIRTH", a play by Karen Brody
  206. http://www.artistpaintingonline.com
  207. Canadian Championship
  208. Call For Artists and Writers!
  209. Tom Bovo in the First Anniversary Exhibit Group Show
  210. Random Obsessions and Strange Stories @ Book Soup in LA
  211. Eco Friendly Market needs Artist & Crafters
  212. Call For Entries, 1st Prize Value € 30.000,-
  213. Portrait Opportunity in Charleston
  214. Call for Artists Pittsburgh PA
  215. ~ International Juried Competition ~ (Publication and Cash Opportunity)
  216. Free Art Marketing & Inspiration Newsletter
  217. Thought Provoking Art Expo
  218. Los Angeles Improv Comedy Workshop in San Diego!
  219. Community Dance Class - Saturday mornings
  220. How to License & Market Music for Film & TV
  221. Theater To Cure THE DEPRESSION
  222. Skilled Artist Seeking Writers, Collaborators
  223. CRAIGNESS! and the Trailer park Boys!!
  224. Femmes From Mars!! Art music tease!! Sept 25th, 2009
  225. Agent seeks serious Jewelry, Glass Art & Pottery Artists
  226. Fraternal Brotherhood
  227. Abstrast Painting .
  228. Casting Female Models in LA for Sundance Channel Show
  229. Modern Dance Class - Saturday Mornings
  230. What Is The Name of Your Band, Where Do You Play?
  231. The Bachelorette Party: A Show About You!!!
  232. Dance:::hall for love dance for breast cancer
  233. Halloween parties
  234. New Group Creating Healthy Relationships OC 10-13-09
  235. Save The Date! Double Down @92Y! Sat. Nov. 14, 2009!
  236. Release of Joyous Visions and Ethereal Dreams
  237. seeking someone to illustrate my latest manuscript
  238. Learn jamaica dance styles
  239. call to artists-- Red Dog Gallery in Phoenix wants you!
  240. Call for Entries--TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund
  241. Down With Webster
  242. art show online.
  243. 9909 in NYC for one Midnight Screening 23rd Oct at Cinema Village
  244. Pon the floor session this wednesday:: Yadd style
  245. Real Danehall Class:: Yaad Kore Style
  246. ~ 8th IA21 International Juried Competition / $3,000 Award + Mag. Publication ~
  247. Viral Web Show CRAIGNESS! Ft Vanessa Furlong
  248. Creative network for Artists!
  249. FREE CD's 21 Photoshop Video Tutorials & Digital Photography Made Easy
  250. Enjor island life::: Get your grove back