View Full Version : Need Online Assistant?

06-21-2006, 12:50 AM
Are you looking for someone to help with your project?
Do you need someone to share pressure with you?
Still worry about no time to stay with your family?
Complaning there are too much work to do?
If so, I could be your online personal assitant to do projects and work with you.You dont need to worry about working alone anymore.
What I can do ?
Hmm, I could do Website design,Logo design,Banner design,Website promition,Flash making,Information seaching, Translation and also copywriting.
Sure, if you need me for other uses, I can learn as soon as possible.
If you are intersted, add me for more informations.
MSN: xiaqingvc@hotmail.com
Im not sure how many people would hire me but my ability has a limit .I will offer service to who add me earlier.So add me as soon as possible !
Look forward to hearing from you. ^^