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08-14-2006, 11:20 AM
We are a freelance web design and software development company. Our team members are highly talented and have years of experience behind them in their area of expertise. We guarantee you professional services for any budget.
We are looking for new projects and new clients. We are also looking for partners that could provide us with a constant flow of clients. A partnership like this will be mutually beneficial for both parts.
If you are interested please send a PM or you can contact me directly at Yahoo/AIM - helenkoshkina.

site http://oxygenworks.net
portfolio http://oxygenworks.net/portfolio.html
designers portfolio: http://www.oxygenworks.net/designers/

Links to our latest works:
http://texas-attorney-malpractice.com/ - site for personal injury lawyers at San Antonio, Texas
http://www.friendly-fire.be/ - site for teenagers rock band
http://i22.wwwoz.com/ - site redesign
http://nvable.com/ - new site design
http://www.goldstrikemobile.com/ - website for wireless mobile game
http://lucky-charms-shop.com/ - design, implementation and supporting, yahoo merchant solution
http://www.forschtorr.co.uk/ - company website, flash header and flash menu
http://www.mafiamassacre.com - Simple HTML website for promotion and buying of an eBook. Payment processing system implemented.
http://evilempirechoppers.com/ - biker's site
http://iwantmusclenow.com/ - new site design
http://load-islam.com/ - The topic of the site - History of Islam, simple HTML, flash header, forum, guestbook.
http://www.nwohioproperties4sale.com/ - site redesign
http://chitika.com/ - site design
http://www.fastlister.com/ - new site design
http://www.elbalazo.net/ - new site design; Mexican restaurant
http://sold4what.com/ - Real Estate website, design and backend

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