View Full Version : Good-Bye to Constructive Criticism, Forever...

Job Ready Strategist
08-23-2006, 07:02 AM
Great day all,
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today I welcome all of you in joining me in introducing a new phrase I coined and phase out what is presently used. We have all heard and most likely have used the phrase,” Constructive Criticism”. I believe deep down inside, many of us, like me, at one time or another, secretly wished the day would come when a more meaningful and thoughtful phrase was introduced to take its place. The day has come. A new phrase is here. The dawning of Aquarius is upon us. Drum role please. I am excited and humbled to introduce the new and more sensitive phrase, “CONSTRUCTIVE SHARING of INFORMATION.” Each One Teach One. From this day forth go out and speak of the new phrase. Tell one and all. Shout it out from the roof and mountain tops. If you hear someone still using the old phrase, take a moment and introduce the new and improved phrase. All together now, “CONSTRUCTIVE SHARING of INFORMATION.” That was great for me, was it for you? If you are really cool, you can simply say, C.S.O.I. You try it, ready, C.S.O.I.
E-mail me with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about my new phrase, C.S.O.I.