View Full Version : New Honest Work from Home Business

09-21-2006, 05:07 PM
Our website is starting a "reseller" program, similar to Avon. You purchase catalogs from us, and sell our products to whom ever. The prices in the catalog are what you sell them for, your cost is half of that price. You keep the rest!!! Pretty simple. We do not charge for more info, matter of fact, you can view our website by clicking on our "www" button or going to http://www.homeofgoodiesosa.com and viewing our info there. We do NOT charge to join the program, we do NOT require you to get other people involved, we DO require honest and sincere people. We do NOT want our name damaged, or our customers hurt. We do NOT require any money to be sent to us. Check us out!!

Disclaimer: We do not recommend quitting your job or using this as a full source of income unless you decide for yourself that you are that good that you can make a great living doing this. This is not intended to "get rich quick". If you have any questions, please email me.