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09-18-2007, 11:46 AM
Hello, WoW fan. If you're looking for a group to play WoW with, we're here! My name is Mike, and my friends and I are starting a group on the server Bleeding Hollow. It's a PvP server, and we're playing Horde. Sorry, Alliance fans. =P

My character names are Krazen, Salzbury (yes, it's a tauren), and Reldah. Feel free to message me in game, or reply to this ad and let me know you're playing. The more people we get, the more fun we have!

Be sure that, if you reply here, you let me know your in-game name so I can add you and let everyone else know your name. We'll be building our own guild, so the more we get, the better we do! Can't wait to see you in game!

Current character levels, in case you want someone to level with you:
Krazen - 70 UD Priest
Salzbury - 18 Tauren War
Raldah - 8 UD Rogue
Porterhaus - 3 Tauren Hunter

All classes and races welcome, so get in the world and let's go.