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05-21-2008, 09:31 AM
I've been dating this girl for almost two years! From the begginning everything seemed awsome (honeymoonish) But one time shewent through my phone (accidently) and found messages from other chicks that Iwas hooking up with. Alright, after that she supposedly said she would forgive everything but nothing was the same. Every little thing that happenned turned out to big fights and arguments which was bound to happen. Ok, after a while, things started to work better, about a month ago we got into a big big argument and I ended up breaking up. I though that it would be best if we just stopped seeing each other. After that, she would every day come to my house begging me to be w/ her again. She would come in freaking out. Call me every minute crying. Honestly I still care about her and feel like I love her still. But I dont feel that spark or exitement about her. I had to go back out with her cause I couldnt see her suffer anymore! What should I do? Everytime I go out or even any where Im at, I happen to run accross a cute girl that flirts with me or something. I feel that if I break out with her I'll break her heart, but then I think about myself, I know theres a lot more out there for me then just settle w/ her. Its not fair for me neither ist for her to stay together. I should leave her but I dont know how to make it easy for her? Can any body give me advise?

Man Of Emotions
05-21-2008, 02:22 PM
You are in one heck of a spot. First off, why in the world would you cheat on her? Why in the world would she still want you back? She should have dumped you but love just pushes through so many things. Once caught, I would be out the door no matter what. She has some issues if she is still hanging around you that is for sure. There is no easy way. If you really need to end it, you have to do it at some point because the pressure will just run you down sooner than later. For someone to come back begging after you cheated on her is not very strong on her part. I would guess that she knows already for some time that (she) should leave (you) however, it's always hard thinking about the good times and the fact of being single again. Oh, one more thing, it could not have been (honeymoonish) as you said if you were hooking up with other girls while you were with her. Be a man and give her a chance to be really happy because you can not make her really happy. You are not ready to settle down.

05-22-2008, 09:53 PM
You cheated on her.
You broke up with her.
She wanted you back.
You came back.
And now you're worried you'll break her heart if you leave her again?

Is this a soap opera summary?

Oh -- sorry the advise. Say good bye, get a new phone number and move on.

05-23-2008, 12:06 AM
Based on what you wrote it appears both of you are ready for some serious counseling - individual and together! There are issues here that go far beyond cheating, breaking up, making up, going off the deep end ... seriously dude, you are in one deep shit! Both of you are, and it is plainly obvious you'll continue wading in it unless you get some serious help!