View Full Version : The Truth about Home based business

03-19-2005, 12:52 PM
Before you decide to join one of the many home based business opportunities out there, you should have some background information first.

Lack of information about the cooperative marketing industry has created misconceptions and mistakes from people looking to make money from home.

Cooperative marketing is probably the most successful business model in the world today, unfortunately, many companies are "jumping on the bandwagon" without any regard to how to make it successful. The truth is, you must have a long term business plan for it to be successful. Many companies now are simply jumping in, following the latest fads, like vitamins, health drinks, anti-aging creams, etc.

There is no plan in mind, just a recruiting scheme that usually fails in the first year.

Consider this: Over half of the network marketing companies will fail in the first year. Those that do well, however, last for over a year and generally produce the most income for it's members during the 3-5 years after it's conception. That 3 to 5 year period is usually one of phenominal growth, benefiting every member that is a part of it. That is why cooperative marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry.

Of course, for the companies that have thought ahead in their compensation plans, anybody can still make money after the initial 5 year period, it just takes a little longer. The companies that have a good business plan in place will ensure that this happens. You have to be careful about which company you choose to work with. Some of the best companies let your membership become part of your estate. This means that when you die, it can be passed down to your children or whoever is in charge of your estate. I would suggest you find out if this is the case.

Once you find a good company, it is relatively easy to make money with your home based business. Many people, however, simply go on a recruiting rampage full of hype and promises without developing their new recruits. This is, unfortunately, the downfall of many new recruits that have joined new opportunities.

Lets face it, if you are going to have your own business, you must treat it as such. A business! Most people that join have no formal business training, and without it, they are doomed to fail. One common misconception about cooperative marketing is that people treat it as a sales job. If you approach it from this angle, you will have a difficult time being successful.

The most important decision about whether or not to start a home based business is to take a careful look at the person who is trying to recruit you. If they are full of promises about how easy it is, or all you have to do is this or that, then be careful. Find out about the support they plan on giving you. How easy will they be to get in touch with? Do they even care about whether or not you succeed? These are extremely important questions, as many of them will try to simply pursuade you to join.

If you are to be successful, you must be willing to put forth the effort. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Will it cost you any money to get started? Sure. The best ones do. But you should lookout for the ones that only have an initial startup cost. Many companies will require you to come out of your pocket over and over again. Be careful about these. Especially if they require that you stock an inventory.

Can anybody do it? I would say no, it's not for everybody. But if you are coachable, have a strong desire to be successful, are open minded, able to think in the long term, and have a postive attitude, then it could be for you. If you can put forth the effort now, then it will pay you forever in the future.

Look for people that are trying to develop relationships instead of merely pursuading you to sign up. If you find a good team to work with that will give you support, then it can be an extremely fulfilling choice.

A friend of mine had this to say about cooperative marketing. "It's simple, but it ain't easy". How true. :cool: