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04-05-2005, 12:32 AM
Eulogy to Fallen Friends

So, I like arrive at the party
When it's all groovy and kicking and stuff
I'm like fashionably late as usual
No! This can't be happening!
Gunshots break the rhythm & all falls silent
It's like Columbine all over again,
None of my friends left standing
Gone! Taken from me by the actions of one lone madman.

Hear it? The sound of that pin drop?
Eerie silence my only companion
All around me the bodies of the innocents
Voices in my head their only epitaph
Everyone should hear of this massacre, but it's
Now nothing but a footnote on the Backpage.

This is my first piece of poetry I've ever posted or had published, please tell me what you think.


04-05-2005, 12:39 AM
And here's my second...

What's the point?


Here &
All is a

o my macaroni
04-08-2005, 10:16 AM
I write every so often, but up until just recently, it had been a few months since I had actually written anything that was more than a rant about stupid people. Here's a bit of mine. let me know what you think.


Is it something I imagined
all white and even so pure
or so it was told and truthfully seemed

I thought I wanted it
really I did
or maybe I didn't

From another source
it could've been perfect
but with one slick thrust ruined

Permanently scared and stained
From you, your face, your hands
Your legs, your body, your everything

To remember is pain
I never want to see you again
I never want to cry again

Dirty and impure, is what I am
please ignore my past and
Welcome me with open arms

04-11-2005, 10:25 AM
A recorded unknown pc voice said "I'm sorry"
Why do I feel bitter?
An unknown recorded car smashed and ran
On the way to the babysitter
A tap so soft I felt the bumper slide up a wall
As I consoled my litter
Hazard lights on signal to traffic there's a car in distress
So please don't hit her
Moved quickly right to sit on the shoulder
Yelling cussing and praying that i can get there
Car swings again as it's tapped in back
Forcing it to roll... right off track
Up on all four tires...smash
Flip...we fly from the car
2 land near, 2 land far
Car kept rolling so they say
As those babies passed away
I'm sorry is what they kept on saying
Rushed us off, no delaying
Well maybe just for a tiny sec
Just long enough to pain my neck
Paraded the 2 who flew so far
Off the overpass from the car
On the news, on every channel
like a trophy on the mantle
Post mortem footage is the way
I remember and cry about that day
22 minutes then gone away
Forever kept in God's hands I pray
Love my children come what may
My life discussed by them folks round the way
Who never spoke b4 that day
Phony Negroes in my face
Saying the truth indulging in grace
Showing genuine sympathy understanding and care
Reminding us that God is there
Took up a collection from all that cared
but kept the money, thinking us unaware
Too dignified to hit you, or ask an explanation
I allowed you to enjoy your little vacation
Cuz if it's going then it's coming and it'll be back
I'm worried bout getting myself on track
Since i know nothing's gonna bring my babies back
Bitterness does me no good only makes me sick
So I pray real hard for my heart to fill, and my skin to be THICK