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I think you got MY fantasy...he he ...
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Default As for Me my first Cum and more

I'm sorry for reposting this, but it contains my whole story, my fist cum, first anal, first everything.
I guess I should start out by saying My mother married my father when she was 16 and he was 24, it was legal back then. She apparently married him so she could get away from a physically abusive father. I guess they got along long enough to make me. However from very early on they didn't share a bed. After I got old enough to sleep in something besides a crib I slept with my dad in a bed in a separate room to ourselves.
My mother worked nights, so that meant that I took a bath every night with my father, it was a mutual thing he would wash me of course but I also would wash him, afterward we went nude while she wasn't there. My dad was a nudist around the house much to the objections of my mother, but when she wasn't there, it's not like she could do much about it. He like wise slept nude also, which lead to me sleeping nude in time.
I don't know when it began but I recall my dad sleeping behind me and feeling him lay against my back in a spoon position, I loved the way the hair on his chest felt on my back and his cock would lay against my back and often I can recall feeling his cock being hard and poking me between my thighs and the cheeks of my ass. I would be awaken to feeling him moving around and his hard cock would feel slippery to me, I would lay there pretending to be asleep while he moved in and out between my legs and ass cheeks, I didn't understand what he was doing, not till later of course. He would also hug me tight and he would reach around and rub my stomach and chest and play with my pee pee while he rubbed on me the whole time he was thinking I was asleep. This would sometimes happen a couple times a night. I can remember waking up in the morning with my ass cheeks and between my legs feeling slippery and with what I now know was mixture of Vaseline/baby oil and his cum all over my ass cheeks and between my legs. Over time I really liked how it felt I knew he loved me and it just felt good. I got to where I would move a little bit now and then and he would lay still til he thought I was asleep.
One night I guess I was moving to much I kind of pushed back against his cock, and he looked over my shoulder and said “Son are you awake?” I looked back and said yes sir. He asked if I was ok, and I said yes sir. Then he rolled me on to my back and he was rubbing my tummy and chest, while he talked to me and told me how much he loved me. He moved his hand down and was playing with my pee pee, It felt so nice. He lifted me up so that I was laying on some pillows and told me to hold my legs back as he push my legs back to my chest. He said he was going to make me feel real good. He moved between my legs and took my tiny cock in his mouth, I felt my cock getting hard in his mouth as he sucked me. He then placed one of his fingers against my tiny lil rose bud. He fingered me while he sucked me I felt my tiny cock twitching in his mouth, I had first dry orgasm. He kept sucking me for a few minutes and then he asked me if I want to do that to him. I said yes sir. He laid back and moved me between his legs, his cock was wet and oozing as I recall, He rubbed in on my lips and told me to open my mouth I did and then he pushed my head down over his cock. He rubbed the back of my head and gently moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I heard him tell me to lick it with my tongue and suck it. I did as he asked , it tasted sweet which I now know was his pre-cum. It was only a couple of minutes and I felt his legs get stiff and he pushed my head down slight and held it there as he filled my mouth with his cum. I tried to pull back at first but he held my head there and told me not to move. His cum went in my mouth and I swallowed what I could, the rest ran out around my lips and over his cock and balls. After that night I was hooked, we didn't wait to go to bed before we played, after we got out of the tub he would suck me and finger me and I would suck him. After about a month or so he introduced me to fucking, which was not a big leap for me since he had been fingering me while he sucked me. He laid me on my back placed a couple of pillows under me, he push my legs back and told me to hold them. I thought it was just like normal he was going to suck me and finger my ass, which he did however he seem to lube me a bit more the usual, he got on his knees and placed the head of his cock against my ass and rubbed the head up and down and then started to push it inside me, I started to put my legs down at which point he held on to them and pushed them back to my chest and he entered me for the first time.
This started the summer before I started school as I recall and continued for a couple of years until my parents split up when I was 8yo. I would go and stay with him on weekends and during some holidays. This didn't last too long he found a girl friend and they got married after about 6 mo's or so. That pretty much put and end to our sex. I don't feel bad at all about what happened between us, I knew he loved me and he always made sure I knew it.
During the time after he left my mother still had to work nights so she arranged for me to spend nights with a family a couple of doors down. I was friends with their boys one was my age and he had a younger brother, he was about 2 yrs younger then us. His parents made us boys take a bath at the same time because they said they didn't have enough hot water. I never understood that but I certainly didn't mind it. We would then get to watch TV for about and hour before lights out his dad called it. Which turned into cocks out for us, lol, It didn't take long before we were playing with each others cocks. I went down on my friend that was the same age and then he returned the favor. It took some time but we finally got his little brother involved. After a about a week I talked him into fucking me and then I fucked him, once we got his brother to join that we were in heaven.
One night we had gone to bed and we started our normal routine, and I guess he had not closed the door completely and his dad came in. We never heard him come into the room, I'm not sure how long he was watching, I was fucking the youngest brother and sucking my friend. His dad said “What the hell are you boys doing” I thought I would die. He closed the door behind him. And locked it. We scattered into our beds, while we tried to put on our shorts. He told us to stop, he then asked what we were doing again. I was scared to death. We all started crying and begging him not to spank us as we explained that we were just messing around. He knew what we were doing of course. He asked who showed us how to do this, where did we learn it? I couldn't tell him it was my dad. We told him it was a boy from school. He asked how long this had been going on we said just a little while. He said it looked like we had been doing it for a while, which we had been of course. He said he was going to tell my mom and I was crying my eyes out and begged him not to. I said he could spank me if he wanted to instead of telling her. He decided that he would do that instead of telling her, He took his belt off and told me to lay on the bed. He hit me a couple of times with the belt but I was making too much noise I guess. He told me to be quiet, he hit me a couple more times and then stopped. I looked back and he was standing there and he said he was going to teach me a lesson. He opened his robe and took it off he was nude under his robe. His cock was getting hard, he told me to come over he pushed my mouth over his cock and made me suck him. I didn't bother telling him I already learned that lesson, lol. After he came in my mouth he made me keep sucking him once he got hard again, he fucked my ass, which of course I didn't mind. After that night his dad would come in and tuck us in a couple times a week. This went on for a couple years until my mom got a day job. Then I didn't get to spend the night as often of course, just weekends and we would go “camping” every month or so, which meant we took his pop up camper out to some woods near a lake which was pretty secluded. He became a scout leader which gave us all a chance to play with other boys, both younger and older. As we grew older we got into girls we would still play now and then if we got sent home with a bad case of blue balls by some girl. We moved apart after high school, we all got married and raised kids of our own, I had two girls, they had both boys and girls to my knowledge none of us played with them. Well at least I didn't.
Sorry this was so long and I know some of you may approve, for many boys it is not as a positive of an experience as it was for me and my friends and for those of you, I'm so sorry. This is just how it was for me. Just maybe it will make someone else feel like they aren't alone.

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today actually. like 30 mins ago. I invited him to let me blow him in the gas station restroom. He came in the restroom and pull his pants down. I went to work, and presto! Had him cumming in 5mins! Only the second time I sucked a dick too. It was pretty nice.
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Originally Posted by Gomi500 View Post
today actually. like 30 mins ago. I invited him to let me blow him in the gas station restroom. He came in the restroom and pull his pants down. I went to work, and presto! Had him cumming in 5mins! Only the second time I sucked a dick too. It was pretty nice.
...sounds like an interesting did you meet him? did it come about that you used the gas station restroom?...what did his dick look like?...was he hairy?...did he have big balls?...we want to know everything...
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I'm 54 and always fantasized about blowing men (my name here is "Janet" but I'm male - long story). Anyway, three weeks ago I bit the bullet and propositioned a hot male stripper who accepted my request. It was also the first time I sucked cock. I was very nervous and to make things more interesting, his cock grew from this cute little thing to a tad over 8 inches. I was in love!!! lol.

My first time with him I watched him blow his load because I was not quite ready to swallow. But it looked very hot and was thick, white and gooey. Mmmm.

So the second time he came over I blew, sucked, fondled, nibbbled, sucked, kissed, throated and tongued his beautiful cock and I was so caught up in how senasational cock feels when it is nice and hard in your mouth (and he "twithces" his cock to drive me even more insane!) the next thing I knew I felt this nice, hot cum going dfown my throat and it tasted just marvelous.

There is hardly a day goes by anymore that I don;t swallow him at least once.

I just love cum.
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Default in my mouth

The very first time a guy shot in my mouth, I was in high school with a college freshman that was really cute. We were doing 6/9, and all of the sudden I felt this warm slimy stuff in my mouth and realized he had shot a load. It tasted ok...kind of nutty. He was still sucking me, so I couldn't spit it out, so I held it in my mouth waiting, but it was taking a while for me to cum, so I swallowed it. I didn't swallow again for a while, but I had a desire to. About a year passed and I was with another blonde college guy I met that I thought was really cute. I decided that I was going to keep his cock in my mouth until he shot a load, and just see what it was like. I knelt in front of him and kept sucking....when he started to pull back, I stayed on his cock, and he shot so much it went out the sides of my mouth. I liked the taste, and I was ok after that having cum in my mouth.
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The first time I swallowed was with this gay couple. I was about 23. My 2nd and 3rd cocks I sucked. I met them through a bulletin board at an adult bookstore. They left me a card with their number so I called them. Met them at their house and we went to the bedroom where we all stripped. They put on some porn but I was too horny to watch. I crawled between one of their legs and proceeded to suck then switched between them. Finally the first guy said he was going to cum and I just kept sucking till he let loose in my mouth swallowing his load. I then sucked his partner till he came in my mouth. I was so happy I didn't mind not cumming myself. I never thought about not swallowing just thought you were supposed to. Now every dick I suck guy or tgirl I always swallow.
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Smile the first time I let a guy cum in my mouth

My first time was in 2003. I had never tried anything with a guy but I was getting so curious and turned on by watching porn on the Web. I was getting obsessed with sucking cock and eating cum.

I read CL all the time to see what guys were looking for blowjobs and I posted a few times to see what responses I would get. I was to nervous to set anything up.

Then when I was out of town for business and staying in a hotel, I posted an ad again. My ad said that I was looking to suck cock and swallow cum with no recip needed. This time I answered one of the responses. I let him know where I was and we set up a time to meet. He showed up on time and I couldn't believe it when he was standing in my hotel room. He was a tall slim guy probably a few years older than me. We did not talk much.

He asked, "were do you want me?" and I looked around and pointed to chair nearby. He sat down with his legs wide open. I got on my knees between his legs and started to undo his belt. I was still amazed that I was actually doing this after fantasizing for so long. It was so easy to make it happen, I should have done it long before!

I pulled down his zipper and could see his yellow and black striped briefs. My heart was beating fast now. I tugged on his pants a little and he lifted his butt off the seat so I could pull them down. I was there on my knees between the legs of a guy who was waiting for me to suck his cock. I started to rub his cock through his briefs. He was already hard and he felt so warm. I leaned down and started to kiss and lick along the bulge in his undies. I wanted to tease him and make this last a long time but I knew this was supposed to be a quick suck. I pulled his briefs down and his hard cock popped out.

I was surprised that the experience didn't seem unusual. Somehow, it felt a lot like being with a woman. I reached out and started to stroke his hard cock. He had a nice cut cock. I think it was 8 inches long and average thickness. I leaned down again and started to luck and suck his balls while I stroked him. He was really clean and his balls tasted good in my mouth. I could hear him moan a little and breathe heavy. Now I was really excited about making him cum.

I moved my mouth to the tip of his cock and licked around the tip and sucked his cockhead a little. I slide my tongue along the sensitive spot below his pee hole. I felt his hand on my head. He ddn't push hard but he was letting me know he wanted me to take all of his cock and start sucking.

I put my arms on the chair and positioned my mouth over his cock. I sucked his cockhead into between my lips ad slid my wet mouth down his hard cock. He moaned and moved his hand from my head. I felt his warm hard cock slide between my lips and I licked him inside my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down his stiff cock. I made long and deep strokes like girls had done for me. When I came to the tip of his cock I could taste a little precum on my tongue.

I started going faster and kept his cock deep in my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. I sucked him non-stop like this for a while. It seemed like a long time but it was probably 3 or 4 minutes. I loved the feeling of his hot hard cock all wet in my mouth.

He started to breathe faster and he started to raise and lower his hips and driving his cock into my mouth. I could feel his cock grow a little and I tasted more precum. "Here it comes" he said quickly.

I felt his cock pulse and felt the first warm squirt of his cum in the back of my mouth. He held my head and kept his cock deep in my mouth. I swallowed as he kept shooting jets of cum into my mouth. He was groaning and moaning loudly. I struggled to swallow it all and breathe at the same time. I was surprised at how warm his cum was. He fell back in the chair and his cock was twitching in my mouth. Now just a few drops were coming out. This is the first time I tasted his cum. It wasn't bad at all. A bit salty and felt thick and smooth on my tongue. I licked his peehole and sucked his head and got the last few drops of his cum.

He pulled up his underwear so I got back on my feet. He raised his pants and while he was zipping up he asked, "are you here all week?" I said yes. After he left I could still taste his cum and smell his cock on my hands. I will never forget my first time.
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Originally Posted by habanero0012 View Post
while he was zipping up he asked, "are you here all week?" I said yes.
So did he return for more?
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Originally Posted by Kenny55 View Post
So did he return for more?
Yes. I got to suck him 2 more times that week. He was a bit more dominant when he came back. He stripped completely and was standing with me on my knees. He liked to hold my head and control me more. I really liked that. He surprised me the last time when he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed my face with cum. He used his cock to slide some of his cum from my face into my mouth. Then he got dressed and left.

I tried his email when I got home but it didn't work.
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