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Old 11-18-2012, 12:39 PM   #11
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hornyintacoma has one green dot.  Good for them!

Truth be told,, I avoided her for the next couple of weeks! If you are wondering,,, the cable guy bailed as soon as he popped his load! Gail was her name,, Finally she cornered me in my garage one evening as I was welding up a roll cage in my jeep!

She came bearing gifts,, a bottle of JD and 2 glasses,, I was so fucking We made small talk like nothing happened! Finally she said she had to confess. She was so turned on by what she said that she said she masturbated every night to it! She had a bunch of questions, after a few shots of JD I was not very embarrassed anymore! She asked how it happened, how it felt, if I had done it before, if I liked it! LOL

I explained that I like cock, just getting fucked though! That ya, the feeling of a cock in me was hot, That I had a few times before, That it was like this uncanny power told him I wanted to get fucked and the next thing I knew I was letting him slid his cock in me!

Just talking to her about it was making me horny, Long story short,, I fucked the hell out of her rite there in the garage, door open, and lights on, We slept together that night! between fucking and sucking we talked about her fantasy's, & mine too!

Over the years we fulfilled most of them, 2/3 girls on me at once, 2/3 guys on her, me getting a big black cock fucking me as she was sucking my cock! I got the pleasure of being the first to fuck her in the ass, We discovered that she was a squirted when I pounded her ass HARD!

So back to the beginning. We collaborated on how we could get the cable guy back & both get what we wanted! It was easy,, I just called the cable company, Asked if the could send Mike out again and he came out!
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Old 11-19-2012, 07:26 AM   #12
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Default Nympho maniac wife

Originally Posted by hornyintacoma View Post
It was the beginning of a awesome relationship that lasted for years
I never had to worry about my wife walking in on me sucking some guy off because most of them were her boyfriends that were fucking her anyway. I had the best of both worlds throughout our entire marriage.
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Old 11-19-2012, 01:39 PM   #13
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My neighbor lady caught me fucking her husband.It wasn't a big deal bcause i fucked her b4 they met.She tied him to a chair and I fucked her in front of him she she made him clean her cunt after.
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Old 11-20-2012, 02:11 AM   #14
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Not wife but girlfriend. We went to a club, we came home and I was still kinda intoxicated so I fell asleep. Being intoxicated meant that I forgot to put my cell on silent and when a suck-buddy of mine texted me, he texted "I need a blowjob". My then girlfriend shook me from sleep and said "What does this say?". I said "I don't know, I'm asleep". She said "You're not just looking at dick pics anymore, are you?". And I said "No, I sucked his dick last week".

She threw a fit. But oddly enough, she accepted it and I shared stories of most of my same-sex adventures with her. Eventually she began wanting to hear more and more stories in ever greater detail until we finally did an MMF threesome. And in one of those I had my dick in her pussy when the guy put his dick in my mouth......... at which point my dick flared out HARDER inside her and she got very jealous that my dick got harder for the guys dick in my mouth, than it did for her.

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Default not hot or cool.

one of the guys that sucked my dick for close to two years was caught by his wife two weeks ago. he had some pics and emails on his phone that should not have been there. long story short, his wife picked up his phone one day and found them. only good thing about the situation is that none were my emails or pics. she is, with reason, very mad and hurt. she has talked about leaving him and taking the kids.

so if you guys are doing this behind your SO. use better judgement than he did.
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Default bummer

so, i have lost both of my cock suckers in one short month. bad for me. worse for them.
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