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Default Will The Real Christian Please Stand Up!

Found this "Chick Publications" today. (They could say they are "Slick Publications). Entitled "Still No Revival?" A mainstream Fundamentalist group. And of course they must always claim "paranoia" as an article of "faith". Here's the quote: "We are always under the watchful eye of the "Holy Office of the Inquisition." Martin Luther and the Reformation saved our necks. The Inquisition was stopped. Persecution didn't work. So instead they tried "love". Rome pretends Christians are their "brothers". And many bought it! The dreadful "Holy Office" was renamed, controlled by Cardinal Ratzinger. He is now called.........>>>>>>>>>Pope Benedict XVI."

Well now! Isn't that something. I always like to ask "Christians" that are trying to sell me their views if Catholics are "saved". You often get some confusing responses: "Some are and some aren't." And that sort of thing. But this seems a little unusual considering if the question was: "Are Mormons saved." Yet it is not surprising-often you do not get honest replies. I thought it was going to be the ususal muckaty-muck Christian BS but this one kind of surprised me.

I always like to pick up these things. I even pick up those discarded Watchtowers and Awakes too to take a look at them rather then leave them sit on sidewalk for passers-by to tread on "Jehovah"s Most Exalted Name (ect) or end up in the garbage, to line birdcages and clean up dog dupe. It's ironic that that was the rationale for the Jews to substitute "adonai" than use the Holy Name which is what the JW's detest. After I am done with them they go into the recycle to be made into McDonald's packaging or toilet paper-who knows?

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