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Default Consensus on God: Let's form Teams

here is the thread I started
to launch an online and academic campaign
to prove a consensus on God can be established
by agreement in Christ or by conscience / free will and reason.

There are room for teams for both objectors to prove
this cannot be done, and for those who have input and ideas
to share to facilitate correcting conflicts and reaching consensus
among faith-based and nontheist/secular groups and views.

The focuses of the studies and process will by on
these key issues:
* forgiveness and unforgiveness as it relates to and predicts
or correlates with the ability of people to reconcile or not
* spiritual healing using medical research and scientific
replicable studies (on a formal published and peer reviewed
basis as I will assign Plad to police whom I trust more than anyone
else to expose any bias or flaw in the reasoning to skew it toward whatever)
* political and religious peacemaking in real life situations
to prove this "forgiveness and spiritual healing"
has a real time visible and physical effect
I expect the naysaying team to pick the worst problems, like
converting Chinese slave labor into work-study programs that provide
for and protect workers' interests and health in an economically
and sustainable way without any cheating like issuing fake money
(although if people agree with issuing credits or loan notes against
the debts and damages from human rights violations, that could be
considered valid currency to invest in corrections and solutions
if all people agree to this freely, no coercion to try to force a consensus)
if people don't believe it is being done freely, well, that's part of the proof.

Is Bruce still here? Is he or anyone else ready and willing to be on the let's prove it team?

If everyone else, Wallis, is on the naysayer team, claim your seats early because the bench will get full pretty quickly! Wallis, I trust you will be one of the preachers leading the naysayers and lecturing about the history etc. that makes Christianity false. So you will have a whole audience world wide if you are ready to play the "false prophet" who condemns the antichrist. oh wait, you don't believe the antichrist is real. Sorry we'll have to cast someone else to preach that part. Maybe you can be the line producer and help point out which scriptures they skipped when quoting from the Book.

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