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Default 1st Valentine’s Day in the United States

Since V-day is upon us, I thought I’ll share a little bits of the history:
The Earliest acknowledged Valentine's occurrence in the United States of America, along with a Verses created by British Col. Simcoe, running back to 1779.
Col. Simcoe additionally procured responsibility upon himself to secure Great Elm Tree of Shackamaxon while stationing close by the actual lands of Penn Treaty through American Revolution.
In 1777, during the Revolutionary War, Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe, commander of the Queen’s Rangers, has been positioned at the Fortification merely feet’s away from the Penn Treaty Tree.
His familiarity with the Treaty of Friendly relationship between William Penn and the Native Lenape Indians (Delaware Indians) held under the Great Elm and his concern that somebody may possibly chop the tree for timber encouraged him to place security guards in order to safeguard the tree. His campaigns helped the Tree pull through the War.
Simcoe later rose to the position of General and was a key player in the founding of Toronto, Canada.

He fell deeply in love with Sally Townsend while he has been stationed at Oyster Bay, NY in 1779. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't favorably taken by his Lady Love.

Fairest Maid, where all is fair Beauty’s pride and Nature’s care;
To you my heart I must resign O choose me for your Valentine!
Love, Mighty God! Thou know’st full well Where all thy Mother’s graces dwell,
Where they inhabit and combine To fix thy power with spells divine;
Thou know’st what powerful magick lies Within the round of Sarah’s eyes,
Or darted thence like lightning fires And Heaven’s own joys around inspires;
Thou know’st my heart will always prove The shrine of pure unchanging love!
Say; awful God! Since to thy throne Two ways that lead are only known-
Here gay Variety presides, And many a youthful circle guides
Through paths where lilies, roses sweet, Bloom and decay beneath their feet;
Here constancy with sober mein Regardless of the flowery Scene
With Myrtle crowned that never fades, In silence seeks the Cypress Shades,
Or fixed near Contemplation’s cell, Chief with the Muses loves to dwell,
Leads those who inward feel and burn And often clasp the abandon’d urn,--
Say, awful God! Did’st thou not prove My heart was formed for Constant love?
Thou saw’st me once on every plain To Delia pour the artless strain -The First Valentine
Thou wept’sd her death and bad’st me change My happier days no more to range
O’er hill, o’re dale, in sweet Employ, Of singing Delia, Nature’s joy;
Thou bad’st me change the pastoral scene Forget my Crook; with haughty mien
To raise the iron Spear of War, Victim of Grief and deep Despair:
Say, must I all my joys forego And still maintain this outward show?
Say, shall this breast that’s pained to fell Be ever clad in horrid steel?
Now swell with other joys than those Of conquest o’er unworthy foes?
Shall no fair maid with equal fire Awake the flames of soft desire:
My bosom born, for transport, burn And raise my thoughts from Delia’s urn?
“Fond Youth,” the God of Love replies, “Your answer take from Sarah’s eyes.”
Written by Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe to Sally Townsend, February 14, 1779

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