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Originally Posted by dumbass View Post
Just askin'. I think I remember, way back when, you saying you were covered by TriCare or is my memory not accurate?
I got kicked off my parents health insurance at 19 and went without coverage for years until one of the healthcare reforms got me back on my parents health insurance plan till I hit 26. I'm actually on what they use for the civilian contractors a humana HMO. Before that if I got really sick I went to urgent care. If I had severe chest pain I didn't have a cardiologist to call I went to the emergency room. I couldn't get anything. My mom tried numerous times to buy me private insurance out of concern that I wasn't getting MRAs yearly.

I'm sorry about your bil
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dumbass recently placed 2nd in a local hot wings-eating contest

Originally Posted by virote View Post
------ I'm sorry about your bil

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Default Ex Marine, Using the VA

I have my health coverage through the VA. I pay for my GF and daughter.
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Originally Posted by dumbass View Post
My 80 year old brother-in law is on Medi-Care. His family was informed three days ago that he had 4 more days of hospital care after which they were on heir own. Would that be considered being denied coverage?
This is referred to length of stay. Most insurances companies will have an alloted amount of days needed for a current condition or episode. For example, if a person needs a gall bladder removed, the studies shown that if everything goes well...the person may recovered better at home and without inpatient intervention. It gets gray...when it comes to the elderly. They may be medically stable to go home...but physicially unable. Medicare will provide coverage for other options..such as strenghening rehab or hospice. I would bet to say...if your brother and law did not expire....the hospital would have arranged for hospice or rehab. My Mother in law had a valve replacement at the Cleveland Clinic at 82 years old last fall. They discharged her after 5 days...per protocol because she did not need IV's or direct medical care. But...she could not even stand up due to weakness. They assisted us with rehab for cardiac strengthening and Medicare paid every dime. When she was able to come home, we arranged home care for PT and OT. Medicare absorbed every penney. She also had inhome oxygen...again not a bill.

My insurance on the other BCBS of Illinois. An expensive plan but decent. I fractured my ankle at the same time of her surgery and open bills everyday that are my responsibility. I can't wait to be eligible for Medicare.

DA..if you ever need help....private message or post...I am pretty good with Medicare reimbursement. I help my parents all the time.

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Default ACA was designed to push people into federal programs

Originally Posted by Cameron Harris: CBO Estimates 7 Million to Lose Healthcare -- Just Like We Argued
Fast forward to Tuesday, February 5, 2013. The Congressional Budget Office released further estimates, again detailing the number of people who will be pushed out of their employer-based insurance coverage as reported by The Washington Times. Remember, their previous estimate was 3 million Americans. The new numbers? Upwards of 7 million Americans will lose their employer-offered coverage.

CBO said that changes in tax policy have made it less attractive to pay for insurance, and employers are instead choosing to pay a penalty to the government. Too bad if you liked your healthcare plan, you now have to purchase a plan from the federal government. The cheapest government family plan comes in at around 20 grand a year. And remember, the Act mandates that you must be covered by some form of insurance.

The Congressional Budget Office is just now telling us what I and numerous conservative voices have been saying since the details of the Affordable Care Act were released. Now, 7 million Americans will be forced to enter into government-sponsored healthcare exchanges after being promised multiple times that they would be able to keep whatever job-based insurance that they already had.

Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement that we must “pass [Obamacare] to see what’s in it] is coming to fruition as more and more information is being released that is directly contradictory to what Obama, Pelosi, the media, and even a non-partisan Congressional Budget Office told us throughout debate over the law and after its passing.
Below is a fair representation of a Democrat's view of the 7 million pushed into the federal exchange plan. As a Constitutionalist Democrat, I DON'T agree with forcing people by abusing federal authority as a monopoly, so I DISAGREE by the spirit of how this is set up which goes against the purpose of Constitutional laws as an agreed contract with people.
If there is a problem with medical or insurance monopolies on health care, you don't make it worse by legislating regulations within the same that DON'T solve the root problems.

So I disagree with pushing or enabling federal mandates and believe in state supported options through free enterprise and investing DIRECLTY in health care facilities and services, not forcing people to fund insurance or federal programs that can't solve the causes of exhorbitant health care costs which depend on local reforms managed by people directly.

7 Million To Be Pushed Out Of Job-Based Insurance. Let?s Hope For Millions More

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by
"When one hears a title of a story like “Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law”, the rule thumb is to first panic. Should not Obamacare have ensured that that would not occur? When one further dives into the story and realize that it means seven million will lose insurance provided by their employers and not insurability, it presents an excellent segue to discuss America’s healthcare insurance payment system abyss.

"It is likely more people will eventually lose their job-based insurance simply because companies may realize it is not only about the cost of the premiums they pay for their employees, but the inefficiencies of renegotiating healthcare insurance contracts yearly. They can get rid of their healthcare infrastructure (employees, space, and other overhead), pay a fixed “penalty” and have their employees all join an exchange.

"While many will initially balk at this, it will become apparent over the years that when a company can concentrate on its core service, its core products, and not the health of the employee, they can become much more efficient. Better for the employee however is that once their healthcare is untethered from the employer, it gives them the freedom to move from employer to employer without the risk of the employer enslaving them in order to maintain insurance.

"For those who believe that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, was a complete sell out because there was no Public Option, no real attempt at single payer, the maintenance of the fraud that is the private health insurance system, take note that the tenets within the law ensures that we will end up close to a single payer system, with a Public Option, as the middle class centric humane regulations within the law make the profit margins of the insurance “industrial” complex untenable."

I believe at least the Political writer is as fair as possible in explaining the ACA does have the effect of Single Payer. However, I believe even that option should be funded by CHOICE not by forcing people who should retain equal freedom to fund health care programs directly, that could be made sustainable and self-supporting by combining public health service with medical education and internships, so that people earn their credits or pay for their education by providing health care to the public at the same time. There are ways to do this where it is by free choice and enterprise and not some federally mandated welfare program.

But if you do support single payer, at least be HONEST about it as this Blog points out.
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