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Talking First Anal experience

I want to know when your first anal experience is. My first time is when I was 16 and I met this 28 year old male. We went to his house and talked for a while not about sex but about life. Finally I went to the bathroom came back naked and we went to his room. He took off his clothes and he had a 9" cut cock. He put it in and cummed in 5 mins said it was to tight. We did it twice more and never talked to him again. Looking forward to hearing your stories.
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Default First Anal experience

First anal experience was at 14 with my best friend. We did oral at 13 but were very scared to try it. Then we tried using our fingers in each other and it felt wonderful. We got more daring and finally did each other. Yes it did hurt the first two times or so, but it hurt nice and after that it was sheer pleasure. Tightness is nice. The feeling is awesome. And I love doing it still.
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Old 12-01-2006, 12:48 AM   #3
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My first experience was when I was 24. I was at someone's house whom I had just met through another friend. Well, my friend left (to go to work) and I stayed at his house and continued to have more cocktails, then he suggested we sit in his hot-tub. Well he was pretty flirty, and always kept my glass full, and after the hot-tub he started to give me a back rub, while I was sitting on his couch. Then he suggested me lay down on the floor, on my stomach, and he could give me a better massage. It was very non-sexual at first. I still had my swimming trunks on (the trunks he loaned me). Then after about ten minutes or so, his hands were making their way down to my ass more often. At this time he was sitting on the back of my legs, while he was rubbing my back. Each time he would rub my lower back, he would kind of push my trunks further down my ass. Next, he just pulled my trunks completely off and said "Now, that's better" He was very good! and was spending more time massaging my ass than my back now. His very next move was the removal of his trunks, which he did, and quickly returned to his position on my legs. As he would rub my back he would lunge down on my back, and each time he would do this I felt his cock push up against my ass. This felt so good, and made me so excited, I was enjoying it sooooo muuuuch I started to lift my hips up each time he would lunge. He knew what I wanted, and I knew what he wanted. My next words to him were "please, fuck me" Since this was my first time, I really was uncomfortable at first, but that didn't last long. (luckily he was not extremely big) probably 5 to 6 inches maybe. He assured me he was completely safe and I had nothing to worry about. So I just went with it, letting him do to me whatever he wanted. He would kiss and bite my neck, and stick his tongue in my ear. I had never been so excited in my life! Well, it didn't take too long and I heard him say "I'm going to cum" I was so into the moment, all I could say was "yeah baby" then I felt his warm load fill me up and he really released a whole lot, I have never taken that long to cum (or so I thought). Then we both showered together, and I spent the night sleeping naked in his bed. And the next morning was alot of oral fun!
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Old 12-15-2006, 09:37 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by bixnylonxmale
First anal experience was at 14 with my best friend. We did oral at 13 but were very scared to try it. Then we tried using our fingers in each other and it felt wonderful. We got more daring and finally did each other. Yes it did hurt the first two times or so, but it hurt nice and after that it was sheer pleasure. Tightness is nice. The feeling is awesome. And I love doing it still.
First experience Anal was when I was 14 and the guy I was with was 16. My friend and I had been jacking and sucking for a while and we were very good friends and over a period of time I was having them time of my short life with him. Once day after school we were over at his house watching some tv when one of his other friends came over to the house and he brought over an adult gay amatuer video. It was the first one that I ever had seen and soon I had a raging hard-on in my jeans when Jeff moved over and placed his hand on my thigh and slowly moved his hand up higher. I did not resist but only moved my thighs wider, he leaned over and gave me a kiss and then I opened up my mouth to take his invading tongue. I had kissed girls before but this kiss was the best in my life. Mike (my friend) looked over and smiled and told Jeff that I gave pretty good head. I was shocked that he told this guy this.

I looked back at the TV and saw Jeff sucking on my friends thick cock and then Jeff turned his head and asked me if I wanted him to do the same to me. I shook my head yes.

He then smiled and told me that he wanted to take me through all of the steps of making me a man. I told him that I was ready. We got up off the couch and headed to my father’s bedroom. Jeff and I fell upon the bed and started kissing once again and he started to unbutton my shirt and play with my nipples while we kissed. He then had me sit up so he could slide off my jeans and briefs. Soon I was naked on the bed with him and he had me undress him. Jeff body was so smooth and sleek and his thighs were muscular and his ass was tan and firm. His cock was the thickest one that I ever had seen and had no idea if I would be able to suck it since I wanted so desperately to do.

Jeff smiled and asked me if I wanted to taste him first and I told him yes. I grasped his semi-hard cock and felt his large balls I lowered my head and kissed it. I then placed my tongue on his cock and then lowered my mouth onto the head. I was stroking him as I got a few inches into my mouth and then I backed off, his cock was too big by now and the reached over and started to stroke my 4 1/2 inch cock. I took more of his cock in my mouth until I chocked and he told me it was ok, that most guys can not take much of him
Jeff turned me around so he was now sucking my cock and in this position I was able to take more of him. I loved the feeling of him sucking my cock and able to suck my balls and my cock in his mouth at the same time. Jeff moved off my cock after a while when I told him that I thought I was about to cum. Jeff then told me to lie on my back and he lifted my legs and had me hold the apart and he went back down and this time he started to rim my virgin ass. I never knew that being rimmed would ever be this good. I shot my first load of the night onto my stomach, but that did not stop Jeff from satisfying me. He pushed his tongue into my ass and then inserted one finger into my ass. It felt great and he asked me if I wanted more. I shook my head yes and then he inserted a second finger. I felt some discomfort but wanted more. He brought his finger to his mouth and coated it with saliva. Returning to my ass he gently pushed it inside a little, then out again. I was totally relaxed and he was soon able to insert the first two knuckles of his middle and index finger. Excited as I was my anus must have been producing some kind of natural lubricant because it seemed easier and easier for his finger to move in and out.

The feeling was incredible. I had never played with my ass and I did not know it was possible to derive so much pleasure from this area of my body. Jeff continued to fuck my ass with his fingers and finally stopped and he told me it was time for him to make love to me. I told him that I was ready, and then he said to me this will hurt at first and if you want me to stop I will. I looked up into his face and told him I will not want you to stop, so I am ready.

Jeff lay back on the bed and had me straddle him and told me to guide his cock to virgin hole that was waiting for him. I reached around and grabbed it by the base and slowly lowered my body onto his waiting cock. As the as the head of Jeff’s cock started to stretch my tight ass I let myself move deeper onto his cock. The pain was so intense but I did not want to stop. After I was able to get most of his cock into me. I stopped for a while and then he told me to start fucking his cock. I cried out that his feels so great. He quickly moved be around so my back was on the bed and he lifted up my legs and placed them on this shoulders and leaned forward and kissed me as he started to fuck me with long and deep thrusts. After a while in finally came in my ass and then to my surprise my friend came over to me and turned me around and had me in a doggy postion and he fucked me. Two guys in the same day.

This is my honest story and would like to hear your stories
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Default My first time,

I was very young and help capitive for a week before being found by my father. During that time I had been raped by five men in my ass and mouth. By seventh grade I met twins a brother and sister at school and we became fast friends. After school we played together at my home. On the week-end I would go to there home and stay for two days. While there we would play in their barn in the straw and go swimming in their pond. His sister would invite a girlfriend of hers over to play with us also. The girls would play with us in their dresses and we noticed that the girls had started to grow large breasts that they would let us also play with while they would grab our cock and get them hard. At night my friend and I would sleep naked together in our sleeping bag like his sister and her friend also did. We would suck each other cocks and drink each other cum and then we would fuck each other in the ass and cum again. His sister had seen her brother fucking me in the ass and asked her brother if we could do that to them which he replied that he would love to. I married his sister and he married her friend and we have lived together for over forty years now. I have gotten both females pregnant several times and her brother has also gotten both females pregnant several times also.
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I've never been fucked in the ass but am curious to try it. Frankly, I'm afraid it will hurt too much to be fun.

When I was 15, my buddy and I were wrestling on the floor in his bedroom when we were alone in the house. He pinned me on my stomach and began to dry-hump me, just being funny. I got really turned on and suddenly blurted out "Jim, wanna really do it? Wanna fuck my ass?" He looked embarrassed , thought a minute, then said no. I was really disappointed; I wanted his cock in my ass sooo bad. I offered to blow him instead, but again no. We got up, left the house, and never mentioned it again. I've always wondered how different my life woulld have been if we'd fucked that day.

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Old 02-15-2010, 01:40 AM   #8
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It was the second night of fun and games with Bill. The first night we were both a little too drunk, and neither of us had the energy to really get into it. But the second night we were both eager to hook up again and throttle back the drinking.

I was brand new to this stuff, and was mostly enjoying sucking his dick. He was letting me get familiar with how to do it, and I was having a great time sucking, licking and generally just playing with his cock and balls. Wonderful time, and he would swap out and suck me from time to time. I could have cheerfully went on like that all night.

After a while of this, I could tell he was getting close to cumming for the second time that night, and was looking forward to another warm salty mouthful. He tapped my shoulder, and when I paused, he said "I'd really like to fuck you". I said "Ok", and we got into a position with me on my back laying near the edge of the bed. He stepped up between my legs, and aimed that stiff piece of meat, that I loved so much, towards my ass. I hiked my legs up a bit, but wasn't really sure what the best way to position myself was. Bill was sort of rubbing his cockhead around my asshole, and playing with my balls with one hand. He asked if I was ready, and I said "Yeah, fuck me, just go slow".

He put the tip off his dick on my ass and then kind of leaned in towards me, slowly putting pressure on until finally I felt his cock gradually starting to ease its way in. A very wild moment for me, I remember thinking "I'm about to get fucked in the ass" and just saying the words in my head made my dick pound with excitement. But there was some kind of problem - he could get just the tiniest way in and then couldn't go farther. We moved around a bit, but it just didn't seem like it was going to work. Even that part was still pretty fun, I have to admit.

Bill finally says to hang on a bit, and goes over to his suitcase. After rummaging around a bit, he finds a small plastic bottle of K-Y, and puts a nice little dab on the end of his dick. He spreads it around, up and down the length of his pole, and just watching him do that was a huge turn-on. I was tempted to tell him to keep going, so I could watch him jerk off, but I wanted him inside me even more. He came over, his lubricated prick rock-hard and glistening in the light. Awesome memory. He said "Lets try this with you on your belly". I would have been game for any way he would have wanted to do it at that point.

I flipped over and spread my legs out a bit, as he got onto the bed behind me. I found myself raising my ass up a little bit in anticipation, like I was in heat or something. He put some of the jelly on his finger, and was rubbing it all around my ass. Then he slowly put two fingers into my tight little hole, covered in lube, and began to move them in and out. Nice and slow, and it felt pretty damn good. I was moving my hips a bit in response to his finger-fucking, and enjoying it.

After about half a minute of that, he scooted up close and edged my legs even further apart with his knees. Again he pressed his cockhead up against my ass, and was swirling it around my hole. I was going crazy horny and wanted him to just start fucking me already. And that’s what he did.
He pushed just his cockhead into my ass, and let that sit for a few seconds. Then slowly, a little more. It kinda hurt a little, but between the lube and the fingering it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. He pushed in a little more again, and then again, and now I let out a low little moan as I could feel his heat and hardness beginning to fill me. I pushed my hips into him a little, and he pushed his cock in some more. He asked if I was ok, and I said "Yeah I'm fine, go ahead all the way". He leaned in a little, put a hand on my shoulder and slid the rest of the way in. I gasped a little - his dick wasn't small and it was buried to the hilt in my ass. He let it rest there a second, and then slowly began to pump his hips a little. Just a few inches out, then back in as I got acclimated to getting boned in the ass.

After a bit of that, he put his legs outside of mine so that I had to press mine together, and remounted me. Again, a nice gentle entry, but I could feel him wanting to speed it up. Once he was in, I told him it was ok and that I felt fine. He started grinding his meat into me a little faster and I could hear his breathing speeding up. For my part, I was working my hips trying to match his rhythm, and trying to get as much of that thick bone of his inside me as I could. He was going faster, pumping away at met, and he eventually leaned over so that he was now laying on top. His cock felt enormous inside my ass, but it was becoming very pleasant feeling. He picked up speed and was thrusting deep with each go.

My arms were sprawled out in front of me, and I had to push against the headboard because he was plowing me good now - in a pushup position on top of me while I lifted my ass as high as I could get it. We were both breathing hard and I could feel him building up. I wanted him to keep ramming me all night, to keep feeling that rock-hard tool pounding away until the sun came up. It all came together perfectly; his weight on top of me, the rocking movement as he filled my hole with his gigantic-feeling hardon, and me not having to do much other than take it in and enjoy the ride. I was getting fucked in the ass and loving it.

He panted in my ear, saying "I'm gonna cum" and I just nodded my head up and down a couple times in assent. I could feel his body tensing up for the payload, and finally with one last big thrust, he began to pump his load of hot milky sperm way up inside my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing with each spurt and clenched my ass up to get as good a grip as possible. I wanted that part to last as long as possible; knowing that all his focus and intensity was concentrated on his cock blowing jizz into my ass was the biggest turn-on imaginable. After four or five good long spasms, he let out a long breath and just collapsed on me. I could feel small little aftershocks from his cock as I relaxed and let him lay on me, breathing heavily. I could feel his wetness starting to drip a little bit, but I liked the sensation as it ran onto my balls.

After a moment or two just laying there, he pulled out and I could feel more semen running out of my asshole. Not a bad sensation, just kind of weird. He asked again of I was ok, and I said "You bet - but you gotta help me with this, I'm about to explode". I rolled over and it took maybe 10 seconds before he had jerked me off onto my stomach.

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WOW Bax.......Hot, Hot, Hot!

You're a great writer/storyteller. Thanks for sharing!
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Talking Anal Pleasure

Believe it or not the first time I ever had anal was when I turned 50. I had a relationship with a much younger gay guy that only wanted anal. He never sucked me or indicated a desire to. Just anal. I always sucked him first, fucked him, and that was the night. Then one night in my bed to my surprise he told me that he wanted to fuck me. The idea turned me on immensley. However, once he had pentatrated my ass I had second thoughts. I wanted it mentally but my ass was saying no way!. However just stopping and letting me relax awhile did the trick. Thats the key. Relaxing! Once I had done that, DAMN.......I never knew that it could be soooooo good. Cocksucking is wonderful............Anal sex done right is over the top. Just the feel of that hot cock inside my body does something to me I cannot describe. It's a good thing I never had anal as a kid because I would have wound up a teen whore~ I now crave having anal as much as possible. No dildos.......... The Real McCoy cannot be duplicated. I just wonder if women enjoy getting fucked as much as I do. Tell you one thing............Women cannot compete with my desire and/or love for it. Like they are doing men a favor..........HAW, men do me a favor when they feed me cock and fuck me. I love it and love them for it!!!!!
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