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Old 07-18-2009, 03:36 PM   #1
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Default can't stop thinking bout sucking cock - Raleigh,NC

I have never been with a guy or a shemale before, but for two years now I have been thinking about sucking cock.
I don't know why I can't get it out of my mind.
Don't know where to start?
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Old 07-18-2009, 03:42 PM   #2
sweeter than sweet
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Default can't stop thinking bout sucking cock - Raleigh,NC

Go to Myrtle Beach and wear a traffic pink, dental floss thong and walk around looking at all the men and their crotches. I promise you will be sucking a cock in short order, probably several.
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Old 07-18-2009, 04:53 PM   #3
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Looking for a local to help me with the experience.
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Old 07-19-2009, 01:55 PM   #4
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craigslist is a good start or or
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Old 07-20-2009, 05:50 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by randy1149 View Post
craigslist is a good start or or
Never tried squirt but sure have never had any luck with silverdaddies. Score once in awhile from Craigslist but have to sort thru a lot of flakes to find someone worthwhile.
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Old 07-22-2009, 07:49 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by t40 View Post
I have never been with a guy or a shemale before, but for two years now I have been thinking about sucking cock.
I don't know why I can't get it out of my mind.
Don't know where to start?
T40...I'm coming up with the same feeling of wanting to suck a cock...did it when I was in 5th grade but never again. Women just took over my senses and have been intoxicated with them ever since....But I still have that excitement about the thought of holding a hard clean circumcised cock in my hand and mouth.. Yes, how do I start? I live in South you half way?
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Old 07-22-2009, 10:21 PM   #7
sweeter than sweet
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Wa state
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sweeter than sweet has one green dot.  Good for them!
Default can't stop thinking bout sucking cock - Raleigh,NC

I know this is gonna be hard to believe but here it goes anyway.
Back in 1961, I believe it was late fall, I was in San Jose Calif at alum Rock Park, with my wife and 2 daughters and as I recall there was a fleeting moment of a few seconds or so that I actually did not think about sucking cock.
Hard to believe I know, but true none the less.

There is a certain amount of intrique involved in the seduction of another man. There still exists
a social taboo against the whole idea of one man pleasing another man sexually. It has been going
on since the origin of man and even before, when he was in his primortial state on all fours. It was
most likely much more acceptable then than now, due to the lessened or possible lack of s social
It is not hard to understand why a man would lke to have his penis sucked on. Hey, it feels good.
What more reason is needed? What is more difficult to undersatnd is what is so compelling about
being on your knees, in front of another man, with his penis in your mouth, thrusting in and out and
down your throat and then filling your mouth with a thick sort of pasty liquid, salty in nature and a bit
warm to the touch and slippery and gooey.
One would have to agree that it is not the most tasty stuff since canned beer, so why the seeming
addiction to "CUM", using the more widely acceptable phrase. Why does a man strip naked and take
the submissive position of total humiliation belittled to a kneeling position of surrender between the
knees of another man and suck his penis until he completes his orgasm and then swallow it and say
ummmm ummm ummm?
For an answer I will have to back track all the feelings and emotions that accure during the process
of seducing and sucking another mans, "Cock".
I will have to paint a hypothetical picture to do this. Lets use the local gym for a setting and I have just
finished a vigorous excersize routine and have headed for the showers. I strip naked and I instantly feel
a tingling in the groin area just from being naked in front of other people but I attempt to mask this emotion
so that I do not achieve an erection and suffer embarrassment in the eyes of my fellow "MEN".
It is pretty slow today and as I enter the showers and hang my towel on the appropriate hook, I see that
there is already a man in the showers and I instantly check his package visually and he sees the direction
that my eyes are aimed.
Not getting an erection becomes the challenge of the century and becomes near impossible as I feel a
twitch and see that he is also looking at my package and I know he saw it twitch. He doesn't bolt for the
exit so my libido is softened and I become much bolder than before. As I lather up I pay extra attention to
lathering my cock and balls waiting for some sign of approval from the other man and I notice that his
cock has grown some what to a semi flacid state and I can plainly see that he is indeed well endowed in
this area and that causes my own cock to swell some more and it is rapidly becoming very obvious that the
two of us are sexually attracted to each other or at least to the idea of man/man sex, or possibly it is just
an exposure thing, being totally exposed and stark ass naked for the eyes of another man.
My boldness is enhanced and I move to the shower head right next to this man and he doesn't bolt for
the exit so I am really getting confident of my advances now. He is in the process of rinsing the lather from
his groin and his cock has reached a state of full arousal and stands straight up, an impressive9-10 inches.
I begin stroking my own cock slightly as I slip to my knees before him and look into his eyes with all the
seductive submissivness I can muster. I reach for and take a hold of his cock and begin a slow sensual soft
stroking up and down the length of hs shaft, as I feel the bulbous head swell and take on a purple hue.
My mouth does not water when I see a wet purple plum, so why is saliva running freely from my glands as
my mouth opens and my lips move in for the kill. I boldly engulf the entire mass of his cock and lower my head
to accomodate the full length of his shaft and can feel the throbbing purple plumb in my throat. I feel an instant
pride, in that I have mastered the gag reflex and can take him in and out of my throat which I instantly begin to do.
It would be so much more fun if I were to take my time and make mad passionate love to his shimmering beautiful
cock but we are after all in the showers of a public gymnasium and If I want his cum, I will need to bring him off
forthwith, before the intrusion of another patron so my ggressive cock sucking nature kicks in to auto pilot as my
bobbing head speeds up.
Now let me analyze my emotional and physical feelings at present. I am feeling all powerful, yet feminine and I feel
like a real sissy. There isn't much of a feeling of manlness left in me. I draw a mental picture with my imagination and
I am a teenage girl with long black shiny hair and nice boobs, on my knees in a shower sucking a guys cock.
If the truth were known, I am wishing that the gym showers would fill up with men right now and they would begin a gang
bang of me and take turns using me for a oral and anal cum dump. I get all quivering inside an am tingling from the thrill
of being a pussy boy sissy bitch.
The turn on is more to do with how I invision myself than the actual act of sucking a mans cock. Being totally naked and
vulnerable to the every whim of another mans cock is a huge stimulus. Knowing that eyes can see a cock sliding into my
mouth or ass pussy either one is a huge plus. Being watched becomes the greater of all the inputs that bring on the heat
of the rendevous even though I am only being watched my the one man whos cock I am sucking. In my mind I fabricate
a group of cheerleaders peeking into the showers and watching me and this causes instant orgasm as he too explodees
into my slurping cum hungry mouth and pumps my face hard deep and fast.
I am gulping and savoring his load of cum like the juices of a fine steak. They are delicious and I can't seem to get enough
or can I, cause out of the corner of my eye I see 3 more men enter the shower and we are busted. There is no hiding what we
were doing. I hear light laughter and some comments on how much fun we were having and do we mind if they join in.
I have died and gone to emotional heaven or so it seems. Four men and four cocks all naked and wet and shimmery and
me the only source of release thus far. They are all advancing on me and do not seem to be submissives in anty way. Oh
God, my day has just been made. I am now feeling like a 2 dollar whore on a Saturday night. A slutty cum loving cock sucking
slut. I want to be used, fucked, called names, humioliated, embarrassed and fucked in front of a large crowd of people.
The feeling of a big cock sliding into my sissy pusy and another down my throat while being observed by 4 sets of eyes is
more than I can stand and I am again cumming in torrents as are they. When all done I notice that I am walking on my tippy toes
and swaying my ass about like a slutty school girl with my hand on one hip like Gretta Garbo or the likes. I feel very feminine
and socially castrated. There is no semblance of man hood left in me at this moment. I feel like a woman and I love it. I want
the whole world to see me as a cock sucking fairy. My ass is a pussy and my cock is a clitty and I have new found sensitivity
in my nipples.
I think of how hot it would be to be totally exposed as a cock sucking fairy to all the people I know. Maybe at a party where
I get loaded and take on all the guys while the women watch and humiliate by calling me names. Being passed around like
a blow up doll at a frat party. Totally and undeniably turned into a sissy bitch cum whore for the world to see.
Those are the emotions and physical pleasures that I experience, that I associate with the simple act of sucking a mans
cock. After a good long look at it from this prespective, why would I not suck a mans cock as long as health and cleanliness
are observed.
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I cant stop thinking about sucking cock, i am addicted to cock preferably in my mouth then up my ass otherwise in my hand!!!!
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